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Get 3 customized Japanese lessons for free!

What is our Nihongo Dojo

You will experience three Japanese classes adapted to your level and given by our  native coaches. These classes are tailored to your level, your interests and take into account other factors mentioned in the form to your right.

In addition to these classes you will receive a free copy of Hiragana Times by email after signing up.

After completion of the Dojo, you will receive a certificate which you can share with your friends and family or professional network to show your achievements.

What you get by signing up

  • Three lessons according to your level
  • Copy of the latest Hiragana Times
  • Certificate after completion

English speaking coaches

Traditionally Japanese language schools use only Japanese during the teaching process.

It is believed that this way you will catch language naturally and you can learn just like a child. However, child and adult cognitive functions are very different, adults will understand grammar and vocabulary through English much faster.

You also can freely clarify all doubts and receive more additional information. That's why all our coaches speak English fluently!

Kazuko Saijo circle
Yukari Iioka circle
Mayumi Ito circle

Language for you

We all have different nationalities, languages, goals, values, occupations, and lifestyles, so lesson plans should also be different for everyone!

Rather than having outdated repetitive textbook learning, our Japanese language lessons are customized for each student to provide lessons that are based on your needs.

Culture included

At We Languages our coaches also teach you about culture by talking about recent events and happenings in and around Japan or the world.

To truly understand and appreciate language, you must know the culture and its perspectives. Newfound appreciation of the language is the outcome of this cultural context.

WWW Methodology

We aim to deliver result every lesson. Lessons are structured around the three W's.

First the 'Warm Up', go into "Japanese-mode" to absorb as much information as possible during the class.

Second we 'Work Up', this phase is about helping you understand everything and helping you practice.

Lastly, 'Wrap Up', this phase ensures you understand the result of your class and realize your achievements. A great motivator for homework or next class.

Unique method to learn Japanese WWW method learn Japanese in 3 steps

A certificate & rewards

After completion of the three free Dojo classes, you will get a certificate that can be shared on social media. Doing this will result in benefits for you and anyone you refer to the Dojo.

Benefits of the Japanese Dojo
"Lessons facilitate my day to day life in Japan. Thank you for this opportunity to participate in the Japanese Dojo." Kimesha Silva
"The coaches were nice and kind. I have learned a lot and practised my lessons. They provided me with the lessons by pdf, which is great because I can review and retain the lessons." Rain Samson